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2020: Volume 2, Issue 1

Synthesis and Characterization of a Silver Nanoparticle- Based Material

Antoine Demange, Solenne Fleutot*

IJL – UMR 7198 – CNRS-University of Lorraine, Nancy, France

*Corresponding author: Solenne Fleutot, IJL – UMR 7198 – CNRS-University of Lorraine, Nancy, France, E-mail: [email protected]
Received: December 14, 2019
Published: August 26, 2020


In this work, we synthesize and characterize a material made from silver nanoparticles stabilized thanks to a biocompatible polymer. The first step of the study concerns the synthesis of silver nanoparticles colloidal suspension stabilized by polyvinylpyrrolidone (PVP) and his characterization by different techniques (TEM, DLS) leading to the production of nanoparticles of different sizes and shapes. Following this characterization, the second step is the development of a structured material in fibers and/or balls by electrospinning from the Ag@PVP solution. This material was characterized by SEM and EDS demonstrating the formation of Ag@PVP fibers and / or beads.

KEYWORDS: Silver Nanoparticles, Colloidal Suspension, PVP, Electrospinning

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